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Starting at nursery is a very big step in your child's development.  Often it is the very first time that a child will be separated from their parents, so getting a happy introduction is very important.


Here are a few tips that may help;


It is a good idea to make short visits with your child, before commencing full-time, so that you both get to know the people and how the group operates.


Get to know staff and helpers - if your child sees that you are happy and comfortable, then they will soon be comfortable with them too.


Be prepared to stay in the group until they are ready to be left.


Dress your child in easily washed clothes with easy fastenings and sensible shoes or trainers. Also bring indoor shoes/slippers or a pair of wellies for outdoors, named and in a bag.  In summer we ask that children bring hats to wear during outside play.


It is important to collect your child promptly at the end of the session.  It can be very upsetting for a small child to be the only one who isn't collected.  


If someone different is to collect your child make sure that the staff know.

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