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The Nursery


Baby Room (0 - 15 months)

Young Babies are cared for in a very homely and loving environment. Each baby will have their own cot, basket for spare clothes, bedding and sheets.  Each child has their own Learning Journals which tracks the child’s development. A nappy chart, sleep chart, lunch/tea book and activity book will be kept daily so parents are aware of their child's daily routine. Baby milk and food is included in the fee price. Weaning will take place when parents feel baby is ready and there will be a gradual introduction to solid food. Nappies are provided throughout the nursery.


Emphasis is made on a safe, secure and stimulating environment. At 15 months the children move to the Toddler room.

Toddler Room (15 months - 2 years)

Activities to suit each age range are provided, which includes various baby toys, play dough, feely bags, treasure baskets and painting for the older babies to stimulate their development. Toddlers will go outside at least once a day (weather permitting). Various activities will be introduced to increase concentration, shapes, colours, various art and craft. A separate sleeping area is provided; each child has its own bed and bedding, which is supplied. They will be encouraged to feed themselves using a fork and spoon.


Main Room ( 2 years - 3 years)

When the children reach the age of 2 years old and in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage, practitioners review the child’s progress through a written summary within the prime areas, which identifies the child’s strengths and areas of improvement.  The practitioners within the main room plan activities to help children learn and develop well and to keep healthy and safe.

Pre School ( 3 years - 5 years)

Structured adult - directed themes are complemented with a free choice of play activities. Working in large and small groups the children enjoy books and stories and participate daily in singing and music making. At this stage focus will be on the Early Years Foundation Stage. A variety of activities are planned through our two monthly themes.  Each child has their own Learning Journal, which focuses on their progress against the expected levels and readiness for Reception. Mainly free play but there will be structured play time i.e. art and craft, worksheets to increase concentration and explore new activities. Emphasis is on preparing your child for full-time education.  Staff are available to discuss your child's progress at any time.

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